Online Conference: “The Digital Image – Social Dimensions, Political Perspectives and Economic Constraints”
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, April 28th-30th, 2021
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DFG Priority Program “The Digital Image”
The digitization of knowledge in theory and practice represents a profound epistemological shift. The SPP addresses the complex role of the digital image from a multi-perspective angle.
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SPP-Workshop "Methods and Methodology: subject-specific or transdisciplinary?"
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Our timeline offers you the possibility to take a look at the "History" of our project.
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About the SPP

The DFG Priority Program (SPP) “The Digital Image” combines exemplary projects from a multi-perspective point of view and addresses the central role that the image plays in the complex process of the digitization of knowledge in theory and practice. 

The 12 projects explore various topics and aspects around the digital image. The aim of the SPP is also a close networking and productive exchange between the individual research projects.

Our upcoming events

Our next conference, titled “The Social Dimension, Political Perspectives, and Economic Constraints,” will be held April 28-30, 2021.

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Network of Research

The DFG Priority Program “The Digital Image” is a network of 12 projects at various German universities. These projects within the program address each of their questions about the subject. Despite the individual research projects, the goal of the interdisciplinary program is to exchange new perspectives and approaches about this complex topic.


Digital image curating

Booklet series “Digital image curating”: Third volume: “Concepts of the Digital Image” Third volume of the new series “Concepts of the Digital Image”, edited by Christoph Bareither, Katharina Geis, Sarah

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Booklet series “Concepts of the Digital Image”: First volume: “Adaptivity” First volume of the new series “Concepts of the Digital Image”, edited by Matthias Bruhn, Kathrin Friedrich, Lydia Kähny and

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Booklet series “Concepts of the Digital Image”:Second volume: “Navigation” Second volume of the new series “Concepts of the Digital Image”, edited by Inge Hinterwaldner, Daniela Hönigsberg and Konstantin Mitrokhov. Web

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From Memes to Memeing and Back Again

On social media, users reflect on the Corona pandemic with memes in many different ways to address the current crisis. Originally, memes themselves were described as viruses that spread from

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All conferences, blog posts, publications, and other events of the Priority Program brought together in one timeline.

Digital Images are borderless connective diverse space-occupying reflective innovative colourful manipulable lifesaving three-dimensional comparative mediative processed suggestive polyvalent persuasive practice adaptive