Booklet series "Concepts of the Digital Image"
Fifth volume: "Rendering/Visualization"

Fifth volume of the new series “Concepts of the digital image”,
edited by Hubert Locher, Dominik Lengyel, Florian Henrich and Catherine Toulouse

Visual representation shapes architecture. Both its production and the way in which it is perceived and understood are largely determined by the media of its representation. From the first sketch to the presentation in the competition to the suggestive diagram for communication and marketing, methods of visual modeling and pictorial representation have always been used. With the digitalization of architecture, not only the design but also the visualization of architecture is undergoing a fundamental change, which is taking place via the digital image.

BEHF Architekten, Kaufhaus Tyrol Innsbruck (2006 BW)

Citation recommended:
Locher, HubertLengyel, DominikHenrich, Florian und Toulouse, Catherine (Hrsg.) (2024): Rendering/Visualisierung (Begriffe des digitalen Bildes), Bd. 5, München; Wien: Buchschmiede, 2024.

DOI: 10.5282/ubm/epub.109214 (Open Access)

ISBN: 978-3-99165-386-8