About the SPP

The DFG Priority Program (SPP) “The Digital Image” combines exemplary projects from a multi-perspective point of view and addresses the central role that the image plays in the complex process of the digitization of knowledge in theory and practice. 

The 12 projects explore various topics and aspects around the digital image. The SPP also aims to promote close networking and productive exchange between the individual research projects.

Network of Research

The DFG Priority Program “The Digital Image” is a network of 12 projects based at various German universities. Within the program each of these projects addresses its own particular questions about the subject. Although each research project is independent, the goal of the interdisciplinary program as a whole is to exchange new perspectives on, and approaches to, this complex topic.

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From Memes to Memeing and Back Again

On social media, users reflect on the Corona pandemic with memes in many different ways to address the current crisis. Originally, memes themselves were described as viruses that spread from

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"Twitter as an oil painting in the style of Dürer", created with DALL-E (01/2023)

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Digital Images are processed suggestive polyvalent persuasive practice adaptive epistemic enacted connective diverse space-occupying reflective innovative colorful manipulable lifesaving three-dimensional comparative mediative