Ready, Steady, Go!

This month the SPP “The Digital Image” was launched. The 12 projects investigate different aspects of the “Digital Image” in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way. 

What is the "Digital Image"?

The first symposium gave the individual projects an opportunity to introduce themselves. In addition,  they discussed the goals of the Priority Program. In the first post of our SPP-Blog, “The Start Signal,” Hanni Geiger offers a review.

"Make the Data dance"

Hubertus Kohle talks about new ways of approaching the digital age for the museum world in his transcribed lecture “Make the Data dance.” The keynote was originally scheduled at the “Art Market and Cultural Heritage” conference in Leuven (Belgium).

Online Teaching

The Covid-19 global pandemic, which began in early 2020, caused many changes in our daily lives. What impact will the pandemic have on current teaching formats and content? For suggestions for new teaching formats, read Hubertus Kohle's blog post on online teaching. 

Now on Wikipedia

Since April, you have also been able to gain an overall impression of the brilliant spectrum of projects via Wikipedia. Here you can also read more about the aims of the SPP. 

The Digital Art History Research Committee about Online Teaching

In this blog post, Hubertus Kohle reports on a first meeting of the Digital Art History Research Committee on the subject of online Teaching.

Digital Art History During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Book Reviews

Fancy some new reading material? In this blog post, Evelyn Runge refers to a series of reviews of current books on the topic of “The Digital Image.” 

"Do you believe in the power of books?"

Starting this month, the SPP now has its own Zotero library. Here the project participants gather literature and sources on the topic of the “Digital Image.” 

On the Cusp of the Digital-Analog and Digital Methods of Architectural Visualization in the Construction World 1987
Ethnographic observations of digital museum practices in the Covid19 crisis.
Post-Digital Print

In this blogpost Fengyu Wang tells you more about "Post-Digital Prints."  

Introduction to the Picture Practises of Social Media

In this blog post, Kevin Pauliks introduces the project "Image-based Image Criticism in Social Media". 

Book Reviews

In this blog post, Evelyn Runge explores the legal, ethical, and social aspects of image sharing on social platforms. 

Towards a Method(ology) for Analysing Picture Practises in Social Media

In this paper, Kevin Pauliks talks about the methodologies used in the project "Image-based Image Criticism in Social Media."

"Wander. Roam. Replicate." A Picture Practice Analysis of Insta Repeat

Kevin Pauliks analyzes image posts on InstaRepeat in this blog post.

Jameson 2.0: The Aesthetics of Cognitive Mapping

In this blog post, Ana Teixeira Pinto gives you insights into the aesthetics of "Cognitive Mapping". 

500 Followers on Twitter

Thanks to all followers who have actively supported us in the last months!

Method for object digitization in 3D

Lucie Böttger, Alexander Zeckey and Martin Langner provide insights into the process of object digitization in 3D in this blog post. 

Book Reviews

Evelyn Runge offers you exciting reviews of current books about "The Digital Image" in this blog post.

Learning to Research Together. Holger Simon Shows How it Works

In this article, Ricarda Vollmer offers a review of the workshop "Digital Project Management" by Holger Simon.  

The New Priority Program "The Digital Image"

Leonie Groblewski presents the SPP project in"Rundbrief Fotografie." If you want to learn more, then have a look... 
Leonie Groblewski: "Das neue DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm 'Das digitale Bild'", in: Rundbrief Fotografie Vol. 27 (2020), No. 1 (N.F. 105). 

"Stocking is the New Planking." Case Studies on the Picture Practises of Stock Photography Parodies

In this post, Kevin Pauliks writes about stock photography parodies. 

Measuring the Quality of Generated Images

In this paper, Matthias Wright and Björn Ommer present different methods they used in their project. 

"Impeached Forever." Reflecting upon Trump's Presidency in Terms of Social and Media Criticism

In this article, Kevin Pauliks presents an interesting art-historical and media-theoretical perspective on Donald Trump's presidency.

The Digital Image - Methods and Methodology: Subject-specific or Transdisciplinary?

More information about the past symposium can be found here

Media Library of the Last Conference

Did you miss a lecture from the last conference? 
After registration you have the opportunity to watch them all.

In the Center is the Picture - A Workshop Report

In this article, the coordination team from Munich looks back on the past symposium.

Are You Tired of the Same Old Plain Pictures?"

In this blog post, Leonie Groblewksi challenges classic ways of looking at objects.

Book Reviews

In this blog post, Eveyln Runge presents her recent publications on the topic "Beyond the Digital Image". 

The Digital Image - Social Dimensions, Political Perspectives and Economic Constraints

At this year's conference, the speakers discuss the “Digital Image” from the perspectives "social dimensions," "political perspectives," and "economic constraints." Among the conference speakers are Felix Stalder, Nancy Katherine Hayles, and Boris Groys. You can register for the online conference here.